DZ Nuts Pro

High viscosity, technically superior chamois cream.

Prevents and relieves chafing, irritation, saddle sores and excuses.

Scientifically formulated for a man’s prime real estate.

What you want on your goods.

  • Plant based and natural ingredients
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Tiny moisture wicking Dave Zabriskies

What you don’t want on your goods.

  • Petroleum derived waxes
  • Unnecessary chemicals and preservatives
  • That greasy goopy feeling


Scientifically formulated
for lady bits.

What a girl wants.

  • Plant based and natural ingredients
  • Pre/Probiotics reducing chance of infection and encouraging beneficial skin flora growth
  • Complete bliss

What a girl doesn’t want.

  • Itching and excess moisture in that nether region
  • That intense tingling sensation
  • Parabens and other potentially harmful preservatives


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