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Here at dznuts, we are more than proud to be official sponsors of the Cannondale Garmin Pro Cycling Team. We think this young squad has a lot of potential and it's been exciting to watch them be tested in the first week of the Tour de France. To prove our love and devotion to this group, we jumped on the bandwagon and got ourselves some new Cannondale whips! Here is a bit about our experience so far.

Cannondale Black Inc Synapse 

This bike is beyond sexy. We have to say that the eleven speed di2 and hydraulic disc breaks are what pushed us to make the extra investment. The attention to detail and engineering is second to none. Right out of the box, this bike just looked fast and we couldn't wait to get it on the road. The di2 battery lives internally, in the seat post and the bike actually comes with 700 x 28 tires! We haven't noticed much, if any speed difference in the tires even at that size. It seems a bit overboard, but the rest of the bike is also... That's kinda the point of a Black Inc right?

Cannondale Scalpel Team

An absolute rocket ship, this bike is already making some of us ride faster. It's definitely the most stable and confidence-inspiring descender of any full-suspension XC race rig we've ever ridden. We had a little trouble with the lefty out of the gates, but a little break in time has smoothed things out. We have the XTR equipped Scalpel Black Inc on the way and we're excited to compare the two. This one is definitely a looker and is more fun each time we ride it.

Cannondale Jekyll Team

We were skeptical about buying a big bike like this, but after only a few rides we are wondering why we ever lived without one. To be fair, this isn't your average long travel rig. This is the same bike that Jerome Clementz is shredding to victory regularly. It is a decent climber and smooth as butter on the way back down. That long travel lefty delivers like nothing else we've ever ridden in this category. It's in a world all it's own in terms of lateral stiffness and small bump compliance.

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